Simple Ideas For Decorating Drawing, Dining And Bed Room

dining room photoHome decoration is an art that needs constant change. Same kind of home decoration gets boring after a certain period and thus it requires freshness. Getting in new things, re-arranging the existing ones and changing the settings altogether creates newness in the environment.

If you are also on a spree for implementing that most-awaited makeover of your home, you may use the following ideas that talk about re-decorating three important areas of your interiors-drawing room, dining room and kitchen.

The contemporary home decor is all about minimization and comfort. Hence here are some basic suggestions to get a new look in your home while keeping things simple.

Take a look:

Let Us Start With the Bed Room

Your bedroom is the coziest place in the world for you. So do maintain its comfort and charm with proper organization, cleanliness and dcor. Since bed linen and curtains are the most important accessories of any room, you must maintain a couple of sets for both these items.

You can buy designer bed sheets online at economical prices and give yourself a visual treat. Change the color of one side of the wall or put some enchanting wall stickers to give a new look. Replace the same old pillows with new cushions to add the modern style.

You can also change your antique timepiece with a stunning new wall clock for special effects.

Changing the lights arrangement or adding some fresh lamps is also good. Switch to more stylish and relaxing roof lights.

Moving Towards the Dining

The kitchen and dining area are also immensely important parts of every home. While both of these areas require little decoration, you can simply look forward to make some simple changes. For instance, check out some new table mats online and buy the most unique ones.
You can add a hanging lamp above the dining table and also change the position of the crockery cupboard. Remember not to make the dining space too congested as it is a place where everyone needs to be seated and served comfortably.

You can get home a serving trolley for a change or substitute the ordinary cutlery set with a designer piece. If you have kids at home, you can shop for some kids’ crockery as well.

Finally the Drawing Room

Most of your guests are entertained in the drawing room and they may not even take a view of your dining or kitchen. So keep refreshing the settings to exhibit your creativity. Keep changing the cushion covers, re-arrange the furniture in every few days and also keep things absolutely clean.

You can buy cushion covers online in amazing designs like graphic prints to make a good change. Always keep the drawing area fresh and clean the carpets regularly. You can also place a room freshener in some corner for welcoming the guests with a lovely fragrance. Placing hanging flower baskets and original indoor plants will also enhance the vitality of your interiors.

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