3 Reasons Why Hartford Homeowners Are Choosing Metal Roofs

Hartford is noted for neat, well-maintained neighborhoods that include traditional homes. Many houses are still as beautiful as the day they were built because owners carefully restore features and building materials as needed. However, metal roofs are rapidly replacing the original asphalt materials. Contractors like Erie provide and install a range of metal roofing systems that replicate a variety of other materials. Metal systems are durable, energy efficient, and increase curb appeal.

Stylish Metal Roofing Adds Curb Appeal

Metal roofing systems are available in styles and colors to fit any decorating theme. Contractors generally offer aluminum, steel, copper, and stainless steel systems. There are products that replicate the look of shingle, slate, tile, and shake roofing. Manufacturers create most of them in a rainbow of colors. Once installed, it is impossible to tell roofs are metal. Professionally installed systems give homes a stylish look that increases curb appeal and property values.

Homes Become More Energy Efficient

Owners who want their homes to be as energy efficient as possible often choose metal roofs. Unlike shingled roofs that absorb heat, metal roofing systems include reflective surfaces that prevent the sun’s heat from penetrating homes. In many cases, contractors are able to install new metal roofs over original materials, which adds extra insulation and protection from the elements. Owners who choose metal roofs see dramatic reductions in air conditioning costs. During the winter, snow and ice slip off of metal and the sun warms the roof. Statistics show that metal roofs keep attics up to 20% warmer than shingled roofs.

Metal Outlasts Other Roofing Materials

Customers also choose metal roofs because they are incredibly durable and can even make homes safer. Materials are fire resistant and stand up well in extreme weather. During installation, technicians typically use concealed fasteners that make roofs weather tight. Surfaces also have protective coatings. A typical asphalt roof lasts for 20 years, but many roofing systems include lifetime warranties that can be transferred.

It is becoming common for homeowners to choose metal roofing systems when they need to replace original roofs without sacrificing style. Metal roofing systems are available in a wide variety of styles and colors that mimic other roofing materials. Metal roofs are also energy efficient and exceptionally durable.