How much a flat wood floor renovation it

We in the decoration, it is sometimes often do not know how to deal with the original wood floors, it is demolished or refurbished it? In fact, solid wood floor renovation is still quite cost-effective. In general, the basic price per square meter of solid wood flooring in more than 200 yuan and solid wood floor renovation price roughly per square meter, about 100 yuan per square meter, the price per square meter in the difference between the half, solid wood floor renovation is quite economical./p>

However, in recent years, solid wood floor renovation are constantly rising in price. First of all, the staff are more difficult to find solid wood floor renovation, so the wood floor renovation is relatively high labor wages. Secondly, during the wood floor renovation of time, but also to buy some out renovation materials, floor wax, floor paint, etc., especially floor paint, bought a little better, a good floor paint price is not cheap. Solid wood flooring for home damage, have to consider what kind of wood floor renovation method, a direct renovation, another is to tear down the floor in the factory repair and re-install.

Thus math, wood floors are also looking demolition demolition money, the effect is not as naturally refurbished new wood floors, so there are more consumers direct replacement of the new wood floor. Currently on the wood flooring market, the relatively high cost of wood flooring brands have a lot of Zhejiang Nanxun, Zhejiang Nanxun wood flooring are known, its wood floor is not only good quality, and the price is affordable. On Nanxun wood flooring wood flooring market reputation of well-known brands have porcelain floors, long-Sheng flooring, flooring and other Gerson, like porcelain floors, original porcelain enamel paint formulations, more resistant to fading than ordinary wood flooring, anti-aging, if the wood floor maintenance work is done, basically can not be refurbished, and 60 years as one day, prolonged fresh.

Having said that, not all can be refurbished wood flooring, solid wood flooring flooring surface thickness of 4 mm or more before they can be refurbished, floor sanding time to wear off 1-2 mm, is too thin, easy to polish floors the intermediate layer, the life of the floor. So, before the renovation to the seller at the best understanding of their own floor surface thickness. read more:
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